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Kapehe and Lauren E. Virtual Meetup - January 2022


Speaking at our January meetup are a Sanity engineer and developers using the product who have found Sanity to be their solution!

Chat for the meetup can be found at in the #meetup channel!

Come hang out, grab your drink of choice, and join us for this event.

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Full program and speakers 👇

----- 1st speaker -----

Maru Eugenia - Front-end Developer

"My first time using Sanity & Next.js to build a blog"

A talk about Maru's experience using a headless CMS for the first time, why she chose Sanity & Next.js to build her blog, and how picking the right tools allowed her to enjoy the process.

----- 2nd speaker -----

Nick DiMatteo - Freelance Developer

"Building highly customizable layouts with Sanity"

Nick dives into how page content is generated within the HULL Shopify starter and the benefits of creating reusable sections within a modular system.

----- 3rd speaker -----
Rico Kahler - Developer at

"Building A GROQ to TypeScript Code Generator”

In this talk, Rico will walk you through the latest in sanity-codegen, a project that aims to make all usage of Sanity in your projects type safe. He'll walk you through the story of the project and get into the nitty gritty of how it works. Join to learn about codegen, GROQ engines, abstract syntax trees, set theory and more.

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