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If you're interested in building a spiritual life, easing your anxieties and developing a quiet mind, this meditation can help you do that and more. We use the mind, the breath, the chakra system, the will to learn and the need to grow as tools to gain inner peace. We all have the first three tools: do you have the last two?

If you want to learn more about Kundalini Yoga Meditation, please join us. Class is taught by Stuart, a spiritual teacher certified by Rudi in the 1960s. Stuart will teach all new students a very basic breathing technique before the start of class. The class lasts about 45 minutes. Questions are welcomed at the end of class. This meditation is nonreligious. No prior experience is needed.

Rudra Meditation was developed by Swami Rudrananda (Rudi or Albert Rudolph ) in the 1960's. His goal was to give each and every person a powerful and direct way to quiet the mind, build an inner foundation strengthen the chakra system and open the heart - all of which lead one to a spiritual life. Very simply, this technique teaches one how to transform any negative energy into positive energy. Rudi, born and raised in Brooklyn, realized that not everyone can move to a monastery, a temple or a cave to pursue inner peace and so through his experiences and study with spiritual masters he developed this unique method for freeing oneself from the daily grind.

You can find more information about Stuart and his teacher Rudi at http://stuartperrin.com (http://stuartperrin.com/). You can email any questions that you have for Stuart directly through this website. For more information on Rudi, go to http://rudimovie.org/about-the-rudi-movie/about-rudi/

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