Learn Git from Vinod Iyer

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“Kyle Simpson says you don’t know JS! I say you don’t know Git as well as Vinod Iyer does!!!”

As a special edition of KnowMoreJS meets, this march, we're bringing forward for you guys one of the sharpest and brightest minds in the city, Vinod Iyer, to take a session on Git.

No matter how long you’ve been working with Git, you’ve got to attend:

“Learn Git from Vinod Iyer”
On March 30, 2019.

Hurry up the seats are limited!

Agenda and Description:

GIT: Visualisation

Newbies and sometimes even the seasoned developer find themselves in Labyrinth situations while using Git.

To avoid and recover from such situations it is very important to visualize what exactly happens when you run different Git commands.

This meetup aims to help you visualize what Git is, what exactly happens inside the local repository when you run different commands and how to avoid and recover from some non-trivial situations.

Who should attend:
1) Those who have some experience with GIT and want to understand it better.
2) The experienced developers who find dealing with Git hard.

Topics :
1) What is GIT
2) Why GIT
3) Basic Commands - Under the hood (Demo)
4) Visualize GIT
5) GIT Commands - Hidden Gems
6) How to get out of difficult situations in GIT

Speakers: Vinod Iyer and Vivek Tikar.