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Product Management Meetup (drinks courtesy of Lenny’s Newsletter)

➡️ Please complete your registration HERE to be able to attend, see event location and get free food/drinks ⬅️

To all the Product Managers, Founders, Product Designers, Engineers and other interested product-minded individuals out there! 📣

​This meetup is hosted by Raf and Gabriela Naumnik.

​These community meetups are laid back, without a fixed structure or agenda.

​Get a drink, meet other community members, and have a great time!

​The Friends of Lenny’s Newsletter community is for anyone building product, driving growth, or looking to uplevel their product career. The community includes 10,000+ PMs, founders, growth leaders, and builders. Join us at LennysNewsletter.com.

Product Management’s Meetup at Debru 🍷🍺🥤


Connect with other Product people at DeBru! 🍷🍺🥤

Not a Product Manager? No problem! Anyone interested in Product is welcome 😎🥳

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