What we're about

Bringing the Queer Desi and Allied Community Together for Hangouts and Get-Togethers! Join us for dinners, brunches, cultural events and festivals, discussion groups, hiking, movie nights, karaoke, and game nights!

Our primary focus for this group is to promote queer and allied community cohesion rather than a focus on dating. We want to create a space where all members and participants feel safe!

As QDASA we work to be both publicly visible and accessible to those who are looking for community *and* also welcome respect the privacy of members looking for community who prefer to be away from public spotlight. We host both publicly open events and closed events. You will notice, any pictures posted of our public events are with express permission of all present in the photograph.

As a group that focusses on nurturing friendships and community in the Queer Desi and Allied Community, our members are typically self-identified in a queer identity and looking to connect with others to navigate family, relationships, and building a life as a Queer Desi. Our allies join us to learn from, share with, and support our queer Desi community.

At QDASA, We celebrate unity in a queer identity beyond individual differences in gender or orientation. People of all LGBTQ+ and allied orientations are welcome at all our events.

While we respect and support the need for continued work towards equality, rights and representation, we are not a political or activist organization.

We are here to provide community, family, and a network to help you through our process of building and navigating our lives as Queer Desis & Allies of the Seattle Area.

Thank you for your interest in our group! Welcome to QDASA and we look forward to meeting you!

With Much Love,
The QDASA Team

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Let's talk - With Dr. Viraj Patel

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Satrang! Celebrate Holi and Desi Spring Festivals!!!

Online event

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