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The official group for RPG roleplayers. Whether it's DnD (any edition,) Munchkin, LARPing, you name it... if it's an RPG, this group is for you! I'm starting this group simply because I couldn't find an all-encompassing group for gamers in Omaha. I know you're out there. If you DON'T live in Omaha Nebraska, but you are willing to make the drive, or if you know gamers in the Omaha area, please please please have them join this group. Let's get together, fellow nerds!

If you want to become an Event Organizer and put your event on our schedule, just contact me. Most of the members that have been in the Omaha RPG group awhile are already Event Organizers. Its easy!

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The Dragon Coast Adventures

Needs a location

We are looking for players to join our existing Dungeons and Dragons game. We are established with a long play history wanting to meet new friends, for 35 Years I have consistently DM'd the World of Greyhawk, but recently we shifted to the Forgotten Realms, the campaign is freshly started and ripe for new players to join in. If you have a penchant for true Role Playing, World Immersion, extensive story creation and background emphasis then this game is for you. We play every other Saturday starting at 2pm, ending 12 midnight, guests just passing through or players seeking a permanent game are welcome. We partake of the ale, sometimes Fireside role play at the fire-pit, and have a good time, dinner is usually a planned event and we have a kick-a-- gaming environment with a fantastic group of game enthusiasts. Please email me if you are interested in visiting with us [masked]. Our game sessions are Adult oriented and you only need to bring your dice, a favorite beverage/snacks, and $7 for a prepared dinner. We look forward to hearing from you. -Gary G.

The Original AD&D

The First Unitarian Church

We meet the first, third, and fifth, if there is one, Sunday of the month from 12:00 pm until between 3:00 and 4:00 pm.

Weekly Pathfinder 2e!


Hey guys. My weekly Sunday Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder college group is looking for another player or two! Anyone that likes writing, acting, gaming, or wants to try out a weekly campaign would be appreciated. Send me a message with any questions or ideas, thank you!


Dave's place

2nd Edition: Island Hopping Campaign in the Mercurial Archipelago--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Currently Closed to new players.

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Weekly Pathfinder 2e!


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