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It's cold outside and turns dark by 5pm. Are you avoiding going to evening Meetups that you would otherwise attend? We've created this Meetup group for you! This will be a series of online money courses for women.
Not your mother's money course, of course! Because your mother never took a money course - right? But if she did, she might have wanted to find courses that were specifically geared towards things women care about. And she would want it to be in plain English -not financial world lingo. And she might appreciate it if the courses were fun, bold and irreverent, while remaining totally relevant to her life.
Well, these kinds of courses were not available to your mother, but they are now going to be available to you! By joining this meetup group, you will have access to online courses, webinars, and conversations aimed at educating women about money matters. Most of the meetings and the courses will be online through Zoom. In order to participate most fully, you will want to have access to a laptop, notepad, phone, etc, with video and microphone capabilities.
Join up and jump in and tell us what money topics are most interesting, elusive, scary, provocative, and/or important to you.
This Meetup will increase your confidence and help you to strengthen your financial base and security so you can go out and live your dreams!

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Creative Financing in Real Estate

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