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This is a place for members of the Kolkata Photography Club (KPC) to organise photography outings and meetings. The club was started in April 2016 and is an English-speaking club. We are a very multicultural group and all are welcome. Although we have members of all abilities, you will probably get the most out of the club if you have an SLR camera or at least a camera with some manual settings. We don't offer classes on how to operate your camera, so if you are interested in learning more, you might like to take a basic class before joining the club.
We are always looking for members interested in organising subgroups and outings.

If you are new to this club, please click on MORE and then FILES to read what the club is about and also how to share your pictures using the club's flickr group.

If you have any questions or problems at any time, you can email me through this site. Just click on my name and you will see an option to send me an email.

Hope to see you soon!

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Urban Patterns
Needs a date and time


We can find patterns all around us, not only in the natural world but even in the urban man-made landscape that we have created. They are in the architecture we walk by, the vehicles we use and even with the people we see everyday.

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Rain or shine, we will meet. So be prepared for whatever the weather may be that day.

Please post NO MORE THAN 5 IMAGES on the Meetup site, and please comment on at least 1 image from other members.

IMPORTANT: Please sign up only if you are coming. Members with frequent absences will be removed from the group list, while active members will be given a preference over long inactive members, frequent last-minute dropouts and no-shows.