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About Freedo

What is Freedo?

Freedo is a journey to finding freedom using the power of symbols.

It is a unique, interactive, thought provoking and playful way to explore more about yourself. 25 powerful processes help you use the power of symbols to enhance your life.

What is freedom?

Freedom is having the ability to use everything in your life to optimise it.

To gain this ability you simply learn, understand and demonstrate. You can apply this to all aspects of your life, including your relationships, health, wealth, work, hobbies, leisure, social and spiritual.

What is a symbol?

A symbol is something that has a meaning. Therefore a symbol can be absolutely anything because everything has a meaning.

A symbol can be a word, smell, image, sound, taste or sensation. An emotion, job, hobby or sport, a relationship, nature, our health.

How do you use the power of a symbol?

You could use the power of fear to run away from danger, love to create a dream job, clarity to see what you want, maths to be an accountant, football to become a footballer, communication to create harmony, order to get what you want, addiction to something good, your liver to detox your body, magic to create something new, intuition to know what to do, a tree to feel stable, an elephant to feel strong.

Playing Freedo

Play Freedo at home by yourself or with friends, join one of our group webinars or workshops, have a private session, come on a retreat or do the training. Firstly you choose a symbol to explore, it may be something you wish to release like a negative emotion or situation, or something you want to improve, like money, a relationship or confidence. It could also be something that's bothering you or something you simply want to explore. You then pick one of the 25 cards, each card is a process made up of 3 elements, a reading gives you more insights, a journey takes you much deeper & a ritual helps you use the power of your symbol to enhance your life.

For further information please follow the link to our website www.freedomaster.org

“I experienced Freedo not expecting anything life changing, the opposite is the reality, things have happened and decisions been made that will transform my life forever and in an incredibly fantastic way”

- Kevin Wilkinson

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