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2022 Kickoff

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Cary B. and Ayan G.
2022 Kickoff


You may have heard about the Wonder Twins growing up. Well, we're the Wonder Triplets! Join us for the 2022 kickoff meeting as three Go Meetup groups come together to activate our super powers!

GoJax, OrlanGo, and Go Tampa are joining together to help promote Go throughout Florida, not just our respective areas. We're looking forward to the cross-pollination of skills, ideas, and community. As we bring our collective groups together, our hope is to spur on the growth of the Go developer community across the state.

The hot topic that is probably on everybody's mind is the 1.18 release. We have already talked about generics, so this kickoff will focus on some of the lesser known changes.

*** Tentative Agenda ***
- fuzzing
- workspaces
- version info embedding
- new net/netip package
- new string functions

Have you already been playing with some of these things in beta? Hit us up and let us know you'd like to share your experience. As always, you're encouraged to share any cool projects you've been working on, challenging problems you've solved, or anything generally Go-related.

We look forward to your participation in this new year.
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