What we're about

The goal of this meetup is to make everyone an astute investor, myself included!! With the way things are changing so quickly, the number one skill to attain is the ability to learn quickly. They say you are the average of the five people you hang out with the most. A little about me.. I run a very successful childcare franchise, have invested in real estate through out the country, have invested in insurance policy and the stock market.. I also hold a real estate license in MA and work as a commercial broker. The reason I shared a little about me is because I want you to understand that I DO AS I TEACH.. But enough about me, let’t talk about what we all can get out of this meetup..

I read profusely but you truly learn when you are able to discuss those ides and IMPLEMENT them with like-minded individuals. I am constantly trying to improve my financial IQ..

So let’s all learn together and increase our passive income on a monthly bases !!!! JUST IMAGINE how life can be when we can learn how to have money work for you vs. you work for money..