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Reflective Functioning

The activities for this group are designed to be fun and to foster a deeper connection with your child, while building friendships with like-minded parents. The playdates are thoughtfully designed based on the teachings of Reflective Functioning. Reflective Functioning is based on ‘mindfulness’ and ‘mentalization,’ which is based in attachment theory. Reflective Functioning facilitated through mindful parenting activities fosters the child’s self-regulation, social-emotional functioning, and a better attachment between the parent and child. The capacity for reflective functioning is essential to the development of the self. Research has shown a direct relationship between the attachment and the child in the development of the child’s self-regulatory capabilities.

The activities are designed to be fun for parents and children alike. During the Mindful Playdates, parents will help their child develop the ability to understand their own thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, and the responses of others. The playdates are designed so that each activity presents exercises that teach lessons that carry over to other activities that parent and child do together. Each activity provides an experience for you to guide your child’s ability to regulate their behavior and develop meaningful relationships while creating fun and loving memories between you and your child. Articles, coaching, and handouts will be given at the playdates to help parents demonstrate reflective functioning so that the child can begin to understand their own thoughts, feelings, and intentions (Fonagy et al. 1991). At the end of the playdates, parents will be able to guide their child’s exploration of the meaning of actions and the emotions of others which helps the child find meaning in experiences. These activities will allow you to enjoy your child and have fun. Share your enthusiasm with your child, while fostering their ability to enjoy the world around them. Make the Connection!

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