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Transmission is a wonderful meditation which has a different purpose than other meditations. Its purpose is to bring healing transformative energies into the world. It couldn’t be simpler. Our group comes together and sounds The Great Invocation – a prayer given to the world in 1945 which essentially says "let light and love and power restore the plan on earth". As we recite this mantra, automatically through the law of invocation/evocation, high-vibrational, spiritual energies begin to flow through the group then out into the world stepped down to a lower level so that the energies are more usable to more. It is a real service to perform and if you do so, your own life will be transformed. Why? Because you cannot open yourself to these spiritual energies and have them flow through you without having yourself blessed. We do it primarily for service, but Transmission Meditation has this wonderful secondary effect on the people who participate. If you believe in a spiritual world and that energies condition all life, Transmission Meditation is a wonderful complimentary practice. We’re told hour for hour there is nothing better we could do for the world. So if you’re looking for a way to serve, a way to help, please consider Transmission Meditation as a way.

Transmission Meditation is free and open to the public. No meditation experience required to do Transmission Meditation, only a desire to contact your soul and to serve.

For more information: www.transmissionmeditation.org (http://www.transmissionmeditation.org/) or www.share-international.org.

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Transmission Meditation at the New Moon !

Lakewood Main Library

A Transmission Meditation at the New Moon at Lakewood Library 7-8:30 PM. There will be a short introduction for newcomers unfamiliar with Transmission Meditation. Hope to see you there !

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Transmission Meditation at the Full Moon !

Lakewood Main Library

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