What we're about

Hello gorgeous sisters!

We strive to unite like-minded consciousness women in love, support, and above all - no judgment.

To achieve this, we offer a safe space to connect, communicate, express, share, and grow the natural feminine essence within all of us.

In this environment, we will empower each other to uncover our own inner truth. We will encourage to express the authentic selves to each other, and bravely show up as such in the outside world.


We invite every girl, woman, wife, baby-mama, entrepreneur, fairy, daughter, princess, queen, and goddess to join our supportive sisterhood.

We are all welcome, just as we are.


During our meetups, we plan to laugh, converse, play, share, and build each other up.

Everyone will have a chance to express their opinion.

We are exploring the following concepts:

Femininity understanding & expression
Raising awareness
Sharing knowledge and wellbeing
Creating & business empowerment
Self-love & compassion
Support & connection
Body & physical movement
Fears & excuses
Self-development and self-exploration
Mindfulness techniques
Syncing women cycles and body rhythms

Come and shine your womanhood in our sisterhood!

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