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This group is dedicated to the professional and personal growth of Highly Sensitive People and Empaths.

To be seen as ‘sensitive’ has typically been considered a bad thing and many Highly Sensitive and Empathic professionals feel they have to hide who they are, or force themselves to fit in and hide their true nature, just to get by. At this Meet Up, being Highly Sensitive is honored and celebrated! I know that HSPs and Empaths have so much to offer but typically are held back from doing so. It is my goal to increase awareness of sensory processing sensitivity and empathy so you can be celebrated for the gift you truly are.

Do you find it
• difficult to succeed and thrive at work?
• challenging to find work you enjoy?
• hard to ‘fit in’?

AND/OR…Are you overwhelmed by your working environment or having difficulty with a colleague or boss?
Then, perhaps this group, dedicated to the professional and personal growth of Highly Sensitive People and Empaths, may be for you!

Not sure if you’re Highly Sensitive or an Empath? The following assessments will help you find out:

Sensory Processing Assessment

Empath Assessment

If you are an HSP and/or Empath, who :
• is interested and invested in your own professional and personal growth
• wants to embrace your unique traits and abilities
• wants to be fully engaged, appreciated and valued in the work you do, then……you will find this meeting a safe and supportive environment in which to learn and grow. You’ll enjoy meeting an amazing diversity of Highly Sensitive Professionals, each of whom has something to offer.

You will find support and solutions here and get to be who you are!
The format of the meeting is:
• Presentation – with topics that are focused on succeeding as an HSP/Empath and being valued for who you are.
• Opportunity- to ask for assistance with work place issues you may find challenging
• Guided Networking- which even the introverts will enjoy!

We offer a combination of in-person and online meetings to fit with everyone’s schedule.

There is a nominal fee for members to attend meetings:

· $25 for in-person meetings if registered ($30 at the door),

· $15 for online meetings.

This is not a support group – it’s for those who are serious about their professional and personal growth and success.

We don’t do small-talk – we have meaningful conversations! Our goal is for you to be unapologetically successful and unapologetically sensitive – at the same time.

If you'd like to find out more about me, I invite you to visit my web site at: https://www.LindaBinns.com

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