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This group is for anyone who loves the outdoors and also desires to go within, have a deeper connection and be on the path to wholeness. So whether we meet for an early morning walk and meditation, connect with nature or meet for lunch or dinner to chat and check out different places around us, we can do it with like-minded people. You may even find your Soul Tribe! :)

Our topics can vary and I am open to suggestions. They include things like self empowerment, connecting with higher self, expanded consciousness, energy, sharing what works for you so others may benefit. Healthy eating or food healing science may be a topic and opportunity to meet and try new things. We may discuss practices like yoga, Qigong, meditation, Spiritual Awakening and more.

I plan to also add a book discussion group for the series; "The Celestine Prophecy". A real hit with the Millennials I hear. To me it is like a guidebook on how to raise our vibration, use our energy to connect with others and collectively have the potential to change the world. All in a 'hard to put down' adventure story. Together we can practice the different 'Insights' of the series. Support each other in our personal transformation. An amazing tool to get on the path and find your calling and purpose.

Whatever Path you're on, hope you stop by and say hello!

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Walk and Meditation in the Park

Lake Okahumpka Park

Join us for a morning walk and meditation in the park. We will meet at the first set of picnic tables. Let's begin with an intention and mini meditation and then use that energy to walk through the park. A walking meditation helps us release stress, connect with nature and gain clarity. Depending on what we decide together, we may walk first and then find a spot to sit and meditate in nature, so keep the usual outdoor supplies with you, water, bug spray (I use organic spray from Amethyst Aromatherapy, purple building just down the road from park) and maybe a towel or something to sit on. See you at the park!

Chakra Activation Series

The Villages


Join us for an exciting 7 week series on the chakras; our energy centers. We will discuss the basics such as what they are and where they are located, to what foods and which aromatherapy oils help clear, balance and awaken the chakra. Every physical, mental or emotional issues is connected to a chakra so each week we will work to heal and transform limiting beliefs or blocked energy in that chakra. The freer our energy flows, the happier and healthier we become! It's easier than you think. ​ Week one starts with the root chakra and each week we will work our way up to the crown chakra. Every class becomes a therapeutic session! Bring your journal and wear comfy clothes! ***we will skip the holiday weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last class of this series is January 16, 2020 $20 per session. Registration Required. Location: Village of McClure in The Villages, FL. Address upon registration. ​For more info visit www.revealthelightwithin.com/classes

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Intro to our Chakras

The Villages


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