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What we’re about

The LLVM Women in Compilers and Tools Meetup Series is a free virtual event. It is a platform where all women (trans, non-binary, and cis) in various stages in their career, speak openly, discuss, and network with others. This series will feature talks, tutorials, mentoring events and regularly highlights individuals for their contributions to the compiler, programming languages, and tools field and offers continued discussions concluding each event.
This series is organized by The Women in Compilers and Tools (WiCT) working group. This working group is composed of volunteers in the LLVM community and supported by the LLVM Foundation.
How long will it go on for? 
This series will run continuously until otherwise specified. 
Are the meetups recorded? 
Possibly. Recording meetups will always be optional and specified on each event listing.
Is it free? 
What is the Women in Compilers and Tools working group (WiCT)?

The Women in Compilers and Tools working group is a group of people who are passionate about increasing diversity, and especially women, in the field of compilers and tools. 

What is the LLVM Foundation?
The LLVM Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the LLVM Project and education and advancement of the field of compilers and tools. We support the LLVM community by helping it to grow, foster community interactions, work to keep LLVM development productive through infrastructure, and work to ensure the long term health of the LLVM project. 
The LLVM Foundation has an initiate called Community.o which aims to increase Diversity & Inclusion within the field of compilers and tools. For more information, please visit the Community.o website

I don’t work on LLVM but on another compiler or in a related field. Can I still attend?
Yes! We believe this series will be interesting to all women who work in the field of compilers, programming languages, hardware, debuggers, linkers, security and analysis tools, and other related fields.