What we're about

Explore the cutting edge of emerging technologies!

We are a diverse group of researchers and hobbyists; arm chair scientists and garage lab tinkerers.

We believe the future of credible scientific research is on the blockchain :
— immutable evidence
— expertly curated lists
— decentralized knowledge markets
— crypto capital allocation for turning ideas into reality.

Meet other passionate scientists and crypt and make the future. 🧬🔬🧑‍🔬

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Intro to Decentralized Science

Needs a location

What if we could better track the authenticity of scientific data?
What if researchers, investors, and patients could better align incentives?

Decentralized Science, or DeSci, is an emerging way of doing research using distributed ledgers such as blockchains.

VitaDAO, for instance, is conducting experimental research on chemicals that may increase longevity. VitaDAO is a group of tokenholders that vote on proposals. Some of the 'intellectual property' it owns is represented as a NFT.

This meetup will start with two 10~ minute presentations, followed by questions, before breaking up into smaller groups for focused discussion.
We will likely head to a brewery after 8pm.

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Researcher Hangout - Share & Learn Emerging Science

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