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What we’re about

Urban Hikers Cincinnati is a spirited community dedicated to bringing together individuals passionate about exploring Cincinnati's diverse landscapes on foot, unveiling its myriad hidden spots, and cultivating a heartfelt bond with the city's vibrant tapestry.

Our mission revolves around promoting physical vitality, deepening cultural appreciation, and facilitating social connections through meticulously planned walking events across the Queen City.

Our vision is to assemble a varied tapestry of individuals—be it lifelong Cincinnatians, recent transplants, or curious visitors. We heartily welcome people of every age, background, and fitness prowess who are enthusiastic about urban treks and forming fresh, meaningful connections.

During our events, we will:

  • Conduct insightful city jaunts: With our adept guides at the helm, participants will journey through various neighborhoods and landmark locations, enriched by tales of Cincinnati's deep-seated history, culture, and architectural marvels.

  • Spotlight local endeavors and attractions: By emphasizing local businesses, artworks, and must-visit sites, we aim to both bolster the local community and inspire our hikers to connect deeply with their urban surroundings.

  • Encourage robust social engagement: Our events are tailor-made for attendees to bond with peers sharing akin interests, thereby engendering a spirit of community and kinship.

  • Craft-themed explorations: With walks centered around motifs such as history, architecture, or nature, we cater to an eclectic range of interests.

  • Roll out special gatherings: Beyond standard walking jaunts, we're keen to collaborate with local entities to curate unique events, from charity walks to culinary delights or cultural showcases.

  • Moreover, for those who wish to further support our initiative, you can become patrons of our journey and help sustain and grow our activities by visiting

Every bit of support goes a long way in enhancing our collective experiences.

By diving into Urban Hikers Cincinnati's events, members are set on a path to unearth fresh facets of their city, uplift their well-being, and build enduring ties with fellow city explorers.

Instagram: @officialurbanhikers