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What we’re about

This group is a forum for parents of young children to meet, learn about different parenting topics, share ideas and... sometimes just get through the day. The group is based on the belief that parents learn best from other parents. Books help - but parents are the real deal. The talks we have with others in the park, at a playdate or during a child's soccer game are where we find strategies that have worked for others and gain insight into common concerns. This group has been created to provide a consistent, open and respectful community of like-minded parents to share, find wisdom and laugh a bit together.
Come and talk about your joys and struggles as parents of toddlers and pre-school children. Find strategies that relate to your individual child and unique circumstance. There is often more than one solution to any challenge or problem. Come meet others who have ideas and experiences that can support you! Ask questions, learn from others and find support in this parenting group.
This is a 1 hour topic driven discussion/support group for parents of young children (ages 2 - 5). Topics can include (but are not limited to)…

  • Discipline & behavior
  • Sleep
  • Transitions
  • Family dynamics (co-parenting, sibling issues)
  • What does ‘successful’ parenting look like and what does that mean to you?
  • Managing reactivity (your child’s and yours)
  • What are your parenting super powers?
  • And more…

Questions will be answered, comments respected and connections with like minded parents will be easy to establish.

Go beyond the books and find solutions that work for YOU!