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Come and experience the mindful, embodied, heart-centred relating practice that is Circling! I am very excited to be holding the first official Circling event to held in Ireland. Circling provides a safe and nourishing space which makes possible rich connections and the experience of being seen, met and deeply known by others through whatever experience you are presently having, whether it is a desirable one for you or not.

If you are curious about more honest and open communication, meditation, understanding yourself and others more deeply, and feeling genuinely connected and alive then this event will serve you. The event will be hosted by myself, Donal Pyne. I have recently become Certified in facilitating Circling events following an intensive 6 month training in the Netherlands, and wish to create in Ireland a conscious, connected and soul-centered community much like I have experienced in Holland. I am also a trainee psychotherapist as well as a qualified psychologist.

For more information about Circling please visit my Facebook page: Circling Ireland Or visit: http://circlingeurope.com/about/

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ConsciousConnection. Next Authentic Relating date is June 17th

Dervish Bookshop & Holistic Centre

What arises when we authentically connect with another person can be both blissful, nourishing for the Soul, and can invoke the experience of Awe, as well as dispelling any notions about ourselves such as been unworthy of connection. Come join us for an evening of curiosity and empathy practices, eye contact exercises, followed by learning to share our in the moment experience of both self and other in a structured and safe way. This then is followed by the climax of the evening, the Birthday Circle, which draws on the exercises prior, in which one person basks in the attention and compassionate intention of the others such that the experience of been truly seen and known becomes possible. It is what Circling is all about. Cost 10/5 euro sliding scale. Places limited to 6 participants. Please confirm your interest either here or on my Facebook page Circling Ireland where you can find lots of useful information about this transformative practice Entrance by the side door. Middle floor this time

Loving What Is. Circling Ireland's First Ever Circling Day!

I am very excited to finally bring a dream to reality and to facilitate the first full Circling day of Circling Ireland. The theme of the day is taken from the transformative magnum opus of Byron Katie which simply means in a Circling context bringing unconditional acceptance to whatever is present in our experience, moment by moment, in connection with others, and creating the space and freedom to give voice to that experience. For me personally this environment has brought great transformation in my own life - the counter-intuitive idea of expressing that which is contrary to my ideal self-image - my fear, shame, sadness, hopelessness etc. Whilst the Circling evenings are often helpful for those who attend my experience has been that deeper connections and transformative experiences (which are a welcome epiphenomenon of Circling) are more likely when we spend more time together. First timers are more than welcome and just to give some info about the practice it is structured by five principles which act to create the safety and environment which enables us to meet each other more deeply. These are: Commitment to Connection, Owning Our Experience, Trusting Our Experience, Staying With Our Embodied Experience, and Being With the Other in their World. This day will consist of some pair practices which focus on certain aspects of the Circling way of relating ( possibly noticing, curiosity, eye gazing practices or exploring projections), some Birthday Circles (where one person receives the undivided attention of some others for a specific amount of time) and also whole group explorations through the process of surrendered leadership (which emphasizes how each of us acts to co-create a field of connectedness). The day will be held at my residence in Rathcormac, Co.Cork where the only distractions are likely to be birds and the occasional rabbit :). Suggested contribution is between 20 to 40 euro. For mroe information about this beautiful pracctice please visit my Facebook Page Circling Ireland.

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Perfectly Imperfect. Next Circling evening is happening May 15th

Dervish Bookshop & Holistic Centre

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