Harmonizing Relationships. Runes of Love and Fire. North Shore Venue

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Awareness Institute is glad to invite you to thematic Runic Workshop: Harmonizing Relationships with YourSelf, Your Beloved Ones and even with your "Hated" for now ones.

At 1st meditation with Great Power of Fire Rune Kenaz we will burn out old offenses, resentments, "not enough Love and Attention" traumas in Childhood, everything that prevents us to Love Ourselves and Others Unconditionally.

At 2nd meditation with Great Power of Love Rune Gebo - we will open our Hearts. Open your Heart, communicate with your True - Self.
Unleash your Inner Infinite Source of Love!

It will be just 20% theory and 80% of Practice!

The main value of the workshop is real feelings and experience with Runes - this time with Runes Kenaz and Gebo. Rune Master is "turning on" the stream of Rune Energy for all participants real time. It's great opportunity to feel this Universe energy and to learn from the Runes! No books, even the most brilliant ones, can provide this experience.

Diving into the energy of Rune KENAZ will help you to:

- Spark the Inner Fire for Self – Transformation;
- Clarify the thoughts, analytical ability, easy digestion of huge and complicated amount of information;
- Receive rejuvenation and vigor on all levels (from cells to the whole body);
- Be the Creator of Life, Work, Mood (to see the world from creativity prospective/unleash creative potential/be the cause not the effect of your life);
- Bring ideas into physical existence;
- Clean and cleanse everything that not serves anymore;
- Enlighten what was obscure.

With the Power and Light of Rune GEBO you will :

- Feel the flow of Love, its inexhaustible source, increase its power and light inside

- Clean up from the offenses, pain of past negative experience

- Find your True Heart feelings and learn to communicate with others on the level Heart - to - Heart, Soul - to - Soul

- Delete emotional and mental blocks for being opened to the World

- Harmonize existing relationship. Give them new beautiful life

- Saturate ourselves with Light and Love for attracting our soulmates for those who haven't found them yet.

Learn how to apply the power of Rune in the daily tasks (successful negotiations, meetings, to achieve the maximum pleasant and mutually beneficial result from the interaction)

These gatherings will be held in North Shore Venue. Beautiful House with gorgeous views

Participation: by DONATION