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Sveikos, Noriu pakviesti Jus įkvėpimo vakarui! Dalinsimės skirtingomis technikomis, kaip siekti savų svajonių ir jaustis gerai. Kartais atsikeli ir nieko nenori daryti. Ir kartaia tas tinguliukas tiks malonus ir reikalingas. O kartais - pamažėle, po truputį tempia mus tolyn nuo savo svajonių, savo gyvenimo liūliuodamas, kad reikia pailsėėėti, kad dabar oooras ne koks... Kaip rasti moterišką įkvėpimą ir veikti iš širdies? Kaip jaustis laimngai, laisvai, energingai? Kaip patikėti savimi? Pasidalinkime, kas mums šiame kelyje padeda, o kas trukdo ir kaip tai atpažinti? Ar sunkiausias tik pirmas žingsnis? Ar jaustis taip, lyg jau pasiekei savo svajonę, veda iki greitesnio jos įguvendinimo? Vizualizacijos nauda? Labai lauksiu Jūsų moteriškam jaukiam vakarui :). Sandra

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Paupio g. 3, Vilnius 01201 · Vilnius

What we're about

Dear women,

I am inviting all women who are interested in personal growing, feminine happiness, searching for answers in life and willing to share it with other like-minded women. For women who are alive and make mistakes, get up and go forward (sometimes it takes time to get up but still :)). Women who have dreams, who want to go behind their hearts. My goal is to gather such women. I love to communicate about feminine topics and to give for each other inspiration. Why women? Because I love to speak and listen and because I believe women have power to support, special sensation to feel other person, intuition. Because I admire women: mothers, housewives, businesswomen, travelers, scientists… Women dealing in this industrial world carrier and goals of self-realization. Searching again for femininity routs or fighting for their rights. Women wives, women singles, women daughters... Why only women?

Also I have noticed that even one man in a group of women is changing dramatically the energy. Even it’s a man you think you have never ever want to have anything in common (no any dreams with him :):)), believe me – he affects you in some biological unconscious way. It´s something scientists are trying to approve by searching for pheromones´ effects. Or, more simple story, one my friend, yoga teacher, having lot of Retreats, told: in retreats for both genders, women suddenly become different (body language as example) when any man enters a room. It´s just nature, which is beyond our control. That is why I want cozy women evenings. With opening heart, laughing, a cup of tea or coffee, taking our time, sharing and growing. Place where you do not need to pretend and can come calm after the works or before going home. I want to connect women who want to grow in their life. As together is always easier for motivation, for ups and downs. It is as sport – easier to do when you have a team.

Also I have noticed that in a group of women spontaneously starts roles relationship: daughter, mother, friend... And it’s not based on the age! It could be based on certain experience in life. Sometimes our experience could be useful for somebody at the moment struggling with this stage of life.

Besides, emotional and communicational chains of brains for women and men are different. That is why we are willing to have more communication and sharing, as speaking is just a source of pleasure in life!

I invite all women, who want cozy conversation to join this group!

I am very happy to start this group :)! And waiting for our meetings :)!


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