What we're about

This group is for all INDIAN, all should come out and speak about violence against women, all should come out to help women and girls to help them empowering.
Empowering women from marginalized, low-income communities to act against violence and to work together.


We listen, We read but we don't speak, We just keep silent, we know that every women & girl have a right to live free from violence, it does not matter from which county, community or culture they belong, its never acceptable, never tolerable. Each one of us have a responsibility to stop violence against women & girls. SILENCE HIDE VIOLENCE, don't be silent, stand up & speak out -- join hands with us, Every women & girl need to be aware of their rights – and find the voice to create a movement and actions to end violence.
We want to make each and every city safe and fear free for women & girls

Together we can END VIOLENCE against women..
Change CAN happen. But we need YOU....

https://twitter.com/india_wsf .

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