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Let's get together and discover how to be the best version of ourselves with the help of the wise and intuitive HORSE! During a variety of events, we'll get together and join in very SAFE and simple but powerful activities with the horse, where you'll learn confidence, patience, perseverance and resilience and improve self esteem, empathy and trust in your own personal and professional relationships. This is a great opportunity to spend time in nature and discover your true joy through the eyes of a horse!
You don't need ANY EXPERIENCE with horses, THERE WILL BE NO RIDING and you will be guided by an experienced horsewoman, teacher and facilitator and her loving and caring equine partners.

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Horses Helping Healers

Healing Hearts Ranch


Compassion fatigue is real, effecting anyone who cares for others on a regular basis and happens when you take on the emotions, pain and suffering of others, losing your sense of self in the process . Horses are sensitive and calming, allowing us to feel at home with the emotions in our body. They give us the space to release our stress and rediscover the individual goals, values and ideals that define us as the remarkable unique individuals we know we can be-OUR BEST SELF!

In one amazing afternoon you’ll discover:

How to identify the risk factors for compassion fatigue
How to create conscious mindful empathy versus mindless empathy
How to let go of “some” control
How to set/respect healthy limits/ boundaries and enhance the quality of your caregiving relationships
How to take protective measures to counter compassion fatigue
How to reconnect with and celebrate your own sense of self
COST: $75

TO REGISTER: https://lifelessonswithhorses.com/horses-helping-healers/


Healing Hearts Ranch


• What we'll do
Join us for the opportunity to gather as a community for a breath of fresh air outdoors and forge new friendships with humans and horses.
Meet everyone around a cozy fire or out in a sunny pasture.
Be introduced to the individual horses' personalities and behaviors with an emphasis on SAFETY
Learn to groom, lead and interact with a horse of your choosing
Rediscover the fun and unity we have when we come together sharing simple goals with our community.

All activities on the ground with safe, well trained horses. NO RIDING!

• What to bring
Your open heart and mindful approach to connecting with humans and horses. Feel free to bring a refreshment.

• Important to know
We are COVID safe and encourage masks when not at a safe physical distance. .
Dress for the weather, CLOSED TOE SHOES ONLY,NO SANDALS and clothes for grooming horses at a barn. We have heaters and a cozy firepit when the weather is cold. ALL ACTIVITIES DONE ON THE GROUND-NO RIDING!


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Healing Hearts Ranch


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