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Within the past few decades the fields of 3D animation and visual effects have exploded. Improved tools have made animators more sought after than ever, marking this as a great time to learn 3D animation and visual effects (VFX). The Pixxel arts is designed to not only teach you the theory that every great animator needs to know, but equips you with the professional skills that will help you excel in competitive VFX jobs.

The role of the animator in the entertainment industry has radically expanded over the past several decades and the pixel arts in India reflects these changes. Like other top animation Institutes, the Pixxel Arts on teaching the basic theory required to become a visual effects artist. But we set ourselves apart with an emphasis on the practical, career-making skills that actively prepare students for life. The Pixxel Arts Academy’s award-winning faculty is composed of professional animators and visual artists with years of experience. They have designed an intensive, hands-on VFX curriculum to prepare the next generation of animators and visual effects artists for an ever-growing and competitive industry. As a top animation Institute, Pixxel arts provides its students with professional facilities and equipment. While studying 3D animation and visual effects, students will gain hands-on experience with the industry .
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