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Ready to give yourself a fresh start for Fall? See for yourself why the Washington Post says Kundalini Yoga is the fastest growing yoga. The reason it’s so popular is because it works. Not only does it work, it works powerfully and quickly.

Join us for beginner Kundalini classes, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, now in Fort Collins. I would love you to experience a class. Take a test ride to see if you agree with the buzz.

There is no special requirements for Kundalini Yoga. If you can breathe you can do it. Does not make a difference how old or young you are. It doesn’t matter if you are flexible or not. It doesn’t matter what your spiritual inclinations are or if you are a religious person or not or anything like that at all….its for everyday household human beings.

It’s a science about using the body and using the breath to feel good, to feel happy, to have great energy so our depressions, our anxieties, and anger tendencies start to dissipate and loose their charge and the strength of our happiness, joy, and strength of our love in our life gets bigger and stronger.

Maybe you would like to master your mind or overcome difficult emotions and heal your life’s pain? Maybe you want to discover your life’s purpose and live in your excellence? Maybe you would like to develop a high level of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional vitality to harmonize your health? Maybe you have been longing to identify with your true nature .

Much of this kind of searching is being done outside of ourselves and its truly an inside job. I found that to be true. Join us and work on your Inner Game.

There certainly is a untapped consciousness inside of you that must be awakened and if it is awakened then we experience fulfillment, we experience our prosperity, we experience what we actually are. The clouds part, the sun comes out, and our life becomes full of joy, full of love and full of happiness. And when we don’t activate this experience and not tuned into this essential process that every human being is designed for then we allow the lower conditions of depression, insecurities, anxiety, worry and doubt, fear and anger to set in. In this day and age these are the default settings. If we don’t do anything to boost the vitality, to enliven the being, enliven the body and mind, to fill it with life force, with pranic energy, chi, that gives us the experience of our own untapped consciousness then those lower states of misery and suffering will be allowed to prevail.

In each of us there is a pure love intelligence that is desiring to express itself and its our job to create the condition to allow that to happen. That is what the mind/body human organism is all about. Its experiencing that love intelligence as our living awareness.

We have many ways we are trying to create happiness and most of them are not creating happiness at all, be we all want it. We want to be filled with love and contentment. We all share that in common.

In a KY class you will experience different positions and postures, different directions of breath in different rhythms through different nostrils, different eye focuses, different sounds, different exercises, a very intricate very beautiful practice that gets you elevated and makes you feel amazing, You will feel very beautiful and over time it wakes up that true self.....that YOU inside of the YOU.

Give it a try. Join us for a free BASICS class and show you how you can learn this practice and integrate it into your life. I will introduce you to the unlocking of the life force experience. We will do the practices and meditations together in a way you can learn them for yourself and gain an amazing asset. No matter what your issues are, this will speak to it. Experience it yourself and become radiant.

"You'll never know who you are, if you have not disciplined yourself to know who you are. - yogi bhajan

EVERYONE CAN ACHIEVE AN IMPROVED STATE OF WELL BEING. Kundalini Yoga is for all ages, sizes, & fitness levels.

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