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Virtue and tolerance - Some Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
Two millenia ago, the most powerful man on Earth, the Emperor of Rome, jotted notes to himself on how to conduct himself with others and keep himself sane. He left instructions that these notes were to be destroyed when he died. Fortunately for us, somebody did not respect his wishes. Today we have those random and jumbled thoughts compiled in the book "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius. It's a wonderful read on virtue, humility, and serenity amidst turmoil. Enjoy. Then let's discuss.

Marmalade Branch library Small Conference Room( Second Floor)

280 W 500 N · Salt Lake City , UT

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    Meetup for people interested in renewing America's Framers' enlightenment ideals by developing a thriving culture of science, reason, humanism, and progress.

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