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This is a group for people who enjoy playing cards, or would like to learn some fascinating card games. Perhaps you have one or two favourite games and are looking to find a friendly and sociable group of people to play them with. Maybe you have often been interested in learning cards but have been put off by the need to learn rules or find someone patient enough to explain them. Or perhaps you were introduced to some simple card games as a child or play Solitaire on your phone and would like to find out how much fun it can be to learn a card game from which you need to be dragged screaming and kicking from the table at the end of the evening because it is so compelling! You may even be a poker player but want to branch out into something more interesting and less ruinous to the bank balance!
We play a range of different games from around the world, with a particualar focus on some of the most interesting strategic games from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, such as Skat, Doppelkopf, Koenigrufen and other tarot games, Jass, etc. However, we are also open to any friendly people who just want to come along and play their favourite card game (canasta, cribbage, euchre, hearts, spades, etc) or introduce others to a new game. The only constraints are that we do not play any form of poker, for which there are other meetup groups available, and we limit ourselves to traditional games which do not require a proprietary pack of cards. There are loads of meetup groups in London where you can play those types of game, but very few where one can play traditional card games.
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Upcoming events (4+)

The Fool's Hour

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This hour is dedicated to The Fool, Il Matto, Le Mat, Il Narr, Excuse, Sküs, Skíz... and Tarot Games.

Join us for some tarot games online!

The game can be any tarot game based on player numbers and preferences: Troggu, French Tarot, Danish Tarok, Tarocchino, etc.

Google Meet link for the video/audio call is in the Location details. Please set up the necessary user accounts beforehand to speed things up. The websites for the games can be found on the below links:
Board Game Arena
Online Card Games

Ulti, Tarokk and some other games

The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

Join us for our regular Twickenham Ulti and Tarokk evenings!

Perhaps the two most exciting card games from Hungary are Ulti and Tarokk. They offer a great sense of excitement and a chance for skilful play.

Come along if you know the games, or even if you're totally new to them, as we're more than happy to teach. We start around 6 PM and finish around 10 PM. Feel free to join for as long as you'd like.

We'll be aiming for a Paskievics Tarokk and an Ulti table. A third table is an option for other games, that are easier to pick up for beginners, like the fast paced Snapszer (2 to 4 players) or Zsírozás, that's especially fun for 4 players. 99, Black Maria or Cribbage is also an option, or a game of your choice, especially if there are several players who would like to play a particular game.

Please indicate your preference for which table you'd like to join, but moving to a different table during the night is absolutely an option if you'd like to try out another game.

You can read about the detailed game rules here:
Ulti Game Rules
Paskievics Tarokk Game Rules

And here are some cheat sheets:
Ulti cheat sheet
Ulti bidding table
Paskievics Tarokk Cheat Sheet
Snapszer cheat sheet

Informal Skat tournament @ German YMCA

German YMCA

Please join us for the monthly Skat tournament organised by the German YMCA. If you know the rules of Skat and how to bid you will be fine. It is a very informal atmosphere and a good opportunity to practice. You might even win one of the prizes for the highest scores among the tables! Udo, our excellent host, provides tea, coffee and biccies, and there is a bar for alcoholic or soft drinks.

There is a £5 per person entry fee which goes to the YMCA and the local charities it supports.

The start time is 7pm or soon thereafter. We usually finish around 9.30.

Social card evening

The Lord Clyde

Up to 3 tables of cards, with a different game on each. There is almost always a Doppelkopf table. This time I’d like to have a Koenigrufen or Tarokk table too. And/ or Vira.
Trialling a different venue this week, which is just the other side of Borough station from our usual venue.

Past events (324)

Social Skat evening

The Royal Oak