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NOTE: As of April, 2021, we will be saying "Good-bye" to all. Following Covid during the last year, it has been virtually impossible to meet ... and I've been the Organizer since 2014 when I started it. Time is marching on ... and so did I. I sent a message out to all members. You will all be missed as this has been quite a wonderful experience! I wish you all the very best life has to offer.


We are a group of women, late 40s and better, located in No. County San Diego, warm and welcoming to all, who invite you to join us for great friendships. We have had this Meetup since 2014 !! and meet for coffees, lunches, happy hours and various other outings (we've done Bunco, a painting class, museum visits, etc.) - MOSTLY during the weekdays but occasionally on an evening or weekend. Our permanent coffee/breakfast or lunch event is always on a TUESDAY, normally starting at 11:00-11:30 am, depending. Our hope is that we all get to know each other better and make lifelong friendships, filled with laughter and good times. This can be more easily achieved by attending AT LEAST once per month, at a MINIMUM - our requirement other than having an emergency. Our intent is clearly for a social environment only and so NO networking of any kind can be allowed ... sorry, but there are plenty of other Meetups that are intended for networking purposes. Thank you for your understanding.

If you choose, please click on the "Photos" link up above to see many pics of our various get-togethers.

When submitting your request for membership, please submit a photo of ONLY yourself - no one else (including your four-legged friends) in the pic, please (a distance or partial photo will not be accepted - anything from the waist/chest up to just the top of your head is perfect without sunglasses or a hat), as Meetup reduces the pics greatly when RSVP'g; please use a photo taken within the last 2 yrs. - your prom pic would not be preferred, lol. If you have any concerns or questions please contact us. (An acceptable photo is REQUIRED before membership can be approved, unless you write me about an exception.)

The yearly non-refundable membership dues for Let's Go Ladies are $10.00 - that's $.83 per month - what a deal! The dues can be paid at your first event (preferably) or no later than your next attended event, but in any case no later than within two weeks after joining LGL regardless of your attendance. Only cash or a check will be accepted. If dues have not been paid within two weeks of joining and arrangements have not been made to do otherwise by contacting Arline, you will sadly be removed from the membership list, but can ask to re-join with the promise of mailing us a check immediately - address given upon request. We prefer NOT to remove you, but the fees charged to us by the Meetup Organization are based on the number of members we have and so we can no longer carry so many unpaid members. We prefer to have only active, interested and participating members listed. Thank you for your understanding and interest in Let's Go Ladies! We look forward to meeting you and your continuing membership in our group.

Thank you again and we hope to see you soon....

Arline, organizer

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