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Men NVC Group

Founded in 2003, the Men's Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Group is a community of men who meet regularly to provide and receive empathy using the strategy of Marshall Rosenberg's NVC.

We welcome new members with the expectation that you are willing to make an ongoing commitment to meet twice per month and that they have substantial experience practicing NVC. When requesting to join the group, you will be asked to address these expectations.

Currently, we on the first and third Monday of each month from 7:15-9:30 in a studio in central Berkeley.

Why a men only NVC group?

We choose to be a men's group for the following reasons:

1) We, as men, find that we have a “collective” ear for the ways in which we are culturally conditioned to not be aware of, and connected to, our needs. In this group, we are more prepared to support each other in stretching beyond these habitual patterns.

2) In a mixed gender group, we observe a tendency for men to withdraw and let women take the lead in terms of naming and identifying feelings and needs. In this group, we are challenged to take self responsibility for awareness of feelings and needs, and find ways to share these realities with other men in ways that can be heard, and may further new modes of connection between men.

3) We find the opportunity to give and receive empathy to be invaluable. The simplicity of a single-gender group allows us to focus on empathy more consistently. This group is an important resource in the context of our complex daily lives, which are rich with interactions with others in a variety of modalities other than NVC.

Upcoming events (1)

Time to give and receive empathy!

Studio behind Peter's house

We will follow the usual agenda: -Silent Meditation -Check-ins -Empathy -Debrief

Past events (43)

Time to give and receive empathy!

Studio behind Peter's house