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[We are on break] The Insight Group Has a permanent location to meet that accommodates up to 14 growth minded members. Check out the “ where we meet” in the photos section. Of course all of our meetings are now on line. Because of the wonderful success of our on line meetings “bringing members as far away as London England and Missouri” we will continue our on line meetings even after our meetings in the Studio resume. So wherever you are Join us and share in the Insights.

The purpose of our Group is to consciously participate in the evolutionary growth of the human mind and spirit. Our topics are expansive but will always remain in the realm of personal growth psychology and spirituality. Check out the tittles of our past meetings to get a gist. Join us now and receive the Insights that our Deep Dive Discussions bring to the surface. Hope to see you soon!

Each day, each breath, each thought “including this on” is a wave of impermanence on the ocean of our deeper more profound true self.

Join us as we together go Deep.

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