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What we’re about

Welcome to London Self Exploration Meet up group! 

• Looking forward to seeing you at activities such as Online Coffee Chats, Soul Uplifting Park Walks, Self Exploration training & mentoring events and more! 

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I post content and free events on these social media platforms for you.

I invite you to my Hampstead heath Soul Uplifting Park Walks:

A lovely gentle relaxing walk in hampstead heath for 30 mins. Come along for re-energising your soul and breathing in some fresh air!  Meeting point details in each walking event.

I myself have come through a tough year in 2016 and realise the value of just getting outside.  Some fresh air, a short walk in a wide open space, looking at lovely ponds, beautiful trees, flowers and natural surroundings, boosts my energy and uplifts my soul!  Being under the sky and in the fresh air can give you some relief from the pressures you are feeling. Stuck inside your home with the walls close makes the pressure feel worse.  

 If you carer for someone who doesn't have any support you might not get a chance to get a brief moment to your self but it's important to look after yourself and your mental health to be able to keep supporting others. Give yourself a chance and give your head some space by taking a 20 minute gentle walk. Come along and experience your relaxed self!

Some of the reasons we get lonely is when our health deteriorates or we become housebound due to illness and able to get around like you used to. It's easy to become frustrated when those legs are not working like they used to. Now you miss out on seeing your friends, family or going to events and celebrations. If you feel you can walk for 30 mins come and join our casual walk.

Social isolation has been listed as one of the 9 factors leading to dementia in the news.

Chat groups for isolation and loneliness:

I invite people feeling alone and sick of being stuck at home to my online sessions.  I'm also working on creating a space for people who are unable to get out of their home with an online general chat forum.  I will work with you to  improve you life by helping you work through pain and suffering of being stuck at home. I will work with you to help improve your life and improve your mobility.

Online training & coaching sessions

I invite you to my online workshops focusing on self directed leadership, feminine leadership, freedom from being stuck where you are thinking there is no possibility.

The problems we face in being self-directed is often not seeing past where we are and not having a vision. Facing lots of changes and challenges keeps us stuck in the detail trying to work out where we are right now. It can seem we are a victim of our circumstances and not able to get out of the stuckness feeling.   It's important to learn about your natural leadership qualities which you can embody to be in your authentic natural leadership.  You don't have to act a particular way or be a certain way for leadership.  Join my leadership training when the sessions are posted throughout the year.

See you at the meeting pointing inside the park or on the Zoom online events!