What we're about

Hey SIM Fans! On behalf of my company, VR Simulation Rigs, I'm starting a meetup for local *PC based VR* Racing and Flight Simulation enthusiasts, cockpit owners, and aspiring cockpit owners to riff about the latest and greatest Racing or Flight SIM software supporting VR, VR and SIM equipment, as well as custom VR PC builds, VR PC tweaking tips, and generally anything Racing and Flight related!

Racing SIM Title Examples:
ProjectCars 1/2
Assetto Corsa
Assetto Corsa Competizione
Dirt Rally 1/2

Flight SIM Title Examples:
DCS World & Modules (i.e., F-14B, F18, Huey, Acrobatic Trainers, etc.)
X Plane 11

Ultimately, focusing on these titles, the goal is to form a local league of small Racing and Flight teams to compete in VR Simulation Rigs sponsored and hosted eSports competitions in our flagship motion simulators the VRSR "VRoomBox" at venues like River City Brewing Co., etc., and eventually...our own venue!

All skill levels are welcome, with only a few simple rules:

1. Bring a passion to discuss any and all things VR SIMULATION and MOSTLY PC related. We respect that many are serious about their consoles and titles like GT Sport and Forza Motorsport, or on the Flight side, Ace Combat, etc., but console only titles WILL NOT be our focus.
2. Keep it friendly and fun-especially in competitions!
3. Minors are welcome if venue allows but only 4'5 or higher who are serious about learning may participate in training meetup sessions, or in competitions when qualified

That's it for now SIM fans-look forward to meeting up with you soon!!


Sean Rojas
CEO & Founder
VR Simulation Rigs, LLC

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