What we're about

Are you passionate about improving yourself and your life?
Are you starting a business, or hustling on the side, with the aim to increase your wealth?
Are you having a healthy life and devoted yourself to improve both physically and mentally?
Do you want to improve your social and dating life?

This is the meet-up for you then. Here you can find other people on the same path, share ideas, find kinship and accountability if needed.
It’s difficult to find other people that are on a path of self-improvement and often the biggest resistance is from the ones close to us. It feels like when you are with friends and family they don’t understand what you are going through and maybe even talk you down.

So if you are looking for fellow entrepreneurs, gym goers, smoothies drinkers or simply a wingman for social events that will support you, then join this meet-up and let’s build something awesome together.

Please note that you will need to be on a serious path to improve, like having started a coaching course, invested in some kind of business, seriously committed to a working out plan, etc.
This is a place for people that DO, not pretenders or people that would like to improve their life just by talking and ranting about it. If you are coming to the meet-up and start your introduction with “I would like to...” then it’s likely that you are in the wrong place.

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