What we're about

Welcome to our pickup futbol group!

Fun is what this group is all about! We would like to invite people who share our love for FUTBOL, to come join us. Our games could be held on weekdays and weekends as the attendance prefer. Keep an eye on the meetup site for details. anybody can ask for a game if it suits you, don’t be shy.

The group is entirely co-ed and all skill levels are invited. How old are you? 18+? You are accepted.
We do have a few basic ground rules that help to keep our games fun and safe. They're listed below. You'll need to read them and agree to follow them at all times in order to join our elitist group!

There might be cost involved on paying for goal and whatever, but please never make that a boundry to stop coming. The idea is to create a comunity and we need to support eachother if needed.
If any money is needed, it will be comunicated at that time.


Each player, whether brand new or fairly seasoned, should know what to expect when he/she comes to our games. Please, know the group rules.

⚽️Players per team.

6 total would be the absolute minimum to play but that will be up the the attendees discretion.

🥅Field size

It’s up to the attendees discretion too.


It’s ideal to play and get organized. Nothing is black or white but respect other players time.
Your RSVP reserves your spot on the field for you and your guest(s), but only if you arrive on time. Spots might be often limited by a healthy turnout for each game. So, if you can’t make it, be sure to change your RSVP ASAP so that a player waiting for an open spot gets a chance to play. If you RSVP, but show up more than 20 minutes after the posted game time, you may not be able to play (see below). If U are not RSVP and wanna show up, chances are that you will also play. Don’t hesitate on coming even if U couldn’t RSVP.


You can bring as many guests as U want but let everyone know. A guest can try out our group & see if they like us. If the guest wants to come to game 2+, he/she probably likes us. He/she will need to sign up for our group & RSVP to come to game 2+.


This is the maximum number of players allowed to RSVP to a game. The cap is set to keep the games fun for everyone by avoiding over-crowded fields.

🐭Waiting List

Players trying to RSVP for a game that is already full will enter a waiting list. When a spot opens up, you will be automatically RSVP’d to the game. However, if you’d like to bring a guest, you will be automatically RSVP’d only when enough spots open up for you and your guest(s).

Wait-listed players and others who did not RSVP may also join our games IF players who did RSVP do not show up within 20 minutes of the posted game time.

⏱Game Start Time

The posted game time is the intended start time, not the game-start time. If U plan on stretching, lace up, and get ready to play be aware that you should come 15-20 earlier. We’ll pick teams 2-5 minutes before the posted game time.

🧨When is a player considered to be late?

If you are not on the field and ready to play (not getting ready to play) within 20 minutes of the posted game time, you are late.

💣Late-Arrival Policy

If you are late, you are not guaranteed to be able to play, regardless of whether or not you RSVP'd. When we start picking teams, we will choose from the players who are on the field and ready to play.

If you show up 20+ minutes after the posted start time, YOU MOST LIKELY WILL PLAY, but don’t count on that, if it gets crowded a second game could be organize but at your own risk.

😡No Shows

If you RSVP to a game but don’t show up, someone on the waitlist that wanted to play may not be able to because you did not hand over your spot. If you RSVP but later find out that you’re not able to come, please change your RSVP so that someone else gets a chance to play.

Players that do not show to a game after RSVPing will be warned on the first incident. But, we will remove players who repeatedly no-show. It's up to the “small table” discretion to determine who will be removed.

Game End Time

We should agree at the beginning of each game for how long are we gonna play and timed it. We would play 2 halftimes and if needed we’ll do a few water/snaks breaks.

Attire & Equipment

Each player should bring a light and dark shirt to every game (so we can easily break up into teams). Soccer cleats & shin guards are strongly recommended because they help to prevent injury. But, they are not required. Playing barefoot is strongly not recomended but it’s up to your own risk.

Bringing kids policy

It’s ok but don’t assume that they will touch the ball a lot. This is a grown up moment. It’s at parent risk if kids gets accidentally injured. Potentially we could start organizing games for kids if many show up.

Good Sportsmanship

This group was formed for a few main reasons:

1. To unite people in the enjoyment of the good health habits. Soccer is the excuse;

2. To socialize, make new friends, and enjoy each other's company;

3. To get some exercise while having fun at the same time; &

4. To give players of all skill levels a safe and friendly environment to play in.

We can only accomplish our group purpose if everyone practices good sportsmanship at all times during our games. It’s a must. That means:

Welcoming and getting to know other players;

Helping with field setup and breakdown;

Passing the ball often (& not just to friends or people you’ve played with before);

Volunteering to play goal-keeper rather than waiting for someone to ask;

We all have our own stress and motivations. This is not boxing, this is soccer for fun. Decide not to come if you feel on one of those days. We all work and need to be uninjured. No aggressive behavior, negative comments about other players, whining, or excessive arguing over past plays; U will be removed if U didn’t learn to behave at home.

No dangerous plays, such as slide tackles, body checks, high kicks, & flying kicks or headers. No play, no matter how great, is worth the risk of hurting someone. Be respectful of the other players. It’s ok to say I’m sorry. Don’t overuse it!

Our group is not about competitive league play. Please come to have fun!

If you feel someone is treating you poorly or making you feel unwelcome on the field, please speak with the “samll table”, and we'll get it sorted out. We want all players to feel welcome and safe in our group.


E-mail is the primary way that we communicate with the group. So, all members must register a valid e-mail with Meetup.com. Players cannot effectively participate in the group, and they will be removed.

When discussing specific games, we often communicate through Meetup comments. So, be sure to check those out as well. For those of you with a smartphone, we recommend that you download the Meetup app. It’s free, and it will notify you when new comments and game changes are posted.


Inactive players are periodically removed from our roster. Any player who does not attend at least 1 game within 6 months is considered inactive (besides selfish, je). If you are removed due to inactivity, you can always re-apply to the group when you plan to become active again.

Removal Policy

If you get removed from the group for any reason, you may apply to re-join.
If you are banned, you will not be allowed to re-join the group under any circumstances.

Enforcement Of Rules

The “small table” reserve the right to take any and all reasonable steps necessary to ensure that the above rules are respected by all group members in their broadest sense. All members are required to agree to the rules upon registration, and any member who fails to follow them may be removed from the group. Most of this stuff is common sense. We're not out to give anybody a hard time. We just want to make the group as enjoyable as possible for everyone. The rules help us do that, so please respect them.

The “small table” believe that rules should help us setting boundaries, but can always be changed if there is concensus.
Giving “the benefit of the doubt”, will put everyone in a better position.

Thank you for reading. If the rules sound fair to you and you agree to follow them, we invite you to become a part of our group.

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