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A Warm Welcome!!!

Welcome to the about page for ‘marshal yourself’, a meetup group located in Central Manchester based around the ideas of coaching for practical implementation in your personal and professional life and projects. It's based around a verb and what you can do with it!

What do the words ‘marshal yourself’ mean to you personally?

You chose to click on this group and become a member, so you must have sensed some kind of affinity or connection to the words themselves.

The Group

What I want to focus on is people marshalling / supporting / encouraging / empowering themselves and others and I am here to provide support and materials to encourage them to do so. So many times we have great ideas, but modern day living can be dynamic and unforgiving and it is sometimes difficult to get ideas into reality and off the drawing board.

I would like this group to be a place where people can come to practice coaching exercises, reflect on questions that allow them to progress and to regain their enthusiasm and motivation for the coming week. I am looking at running at least one session as a free session to contribute and then providing reasonably priced sessions that deliver immediate practical impact and value.

I would like the group to develop into a fully-fledged and fully established contributory group in Manchester, that can support people in Manchester and can contribute back to the local community in a reasonable sense.

What can I expect if I attend an event?

You can expect support and (non-directive i.e. questions to stimulate and generate ideas in a specific area) coaching. If the event is about making progress you can expect specific support on an area you want to make progress on with directed questioning techniques (non-directive coaching). You should see obvious and definitive progress on whatever is your focus area as a result of attending the group.

If the event has a specific theme, then you should also see progress in terms of reflecting and understanding of yourself or your situation/s, (or a specific goal will be stated for a particular session).

If lots of people turn up then we get good energy and momentum at the event and this can help to shift things forward for you from a group point of view, if it’s one on one, then you get a full individual coaching session for the price of a meetup session which is considerably cheaper and a good deal.

Please come along and try out the group for yourself. Priced events are easily worth the event fee.

My Journey

My personal journey began in earnest in 2012. Before that I avidly stuck to reading the works of Tony Robbins and Susan Jeffers, but kept an open mind as a scientist and engineer. We all start somewhere and that's where I began.

In 2012 I attended 10 sessions of a group coaching session in Newcastle with a similar idea and theme to my sessions, but in my coming to coaching I have also picked up on some other ideas that are a result of my life and my experiences.

The result of attending the 10 sessions of group coaching pushed me to think outside the box and to get outside of the life I was living at the time. When you challenge yourself to change and reflect on your life, you can create changes. When you work with others or a coach who will specifically support you in your agendas you can make real and sustained change happen in your life.

As a result of generating ideas in 2012 I changed every area of my life, creating something brand new from the previous way of living, but still keeping it real and respecting my core values. Change doesn't mean you become the opposite, it just means you can find your real setpoint and you can be flexible that some of the beliefs and practices you have are not necessarily for the best.

As a result of further individual coaching, I am now looking to write a book, maybe a movie ;) (so be nice) and have begun writing and singing my own songs.

The Nitty Gritty

You only need to read this part if you really want further background.

Put simply, this group is about a verb that had a dramatic effect on my life, following the actioning of a plan I came up with on small pieces of paper at a co-coaching / group coaching session in 2012, that charged a meagre fee. J Pay it forward!!!

As I left my former life, at the point of leaving to move to Manchester, I couldn’t understand why those around me weren’t from my point of view taking charge of the situations around them, or why they weren’t taking charge of themselves in their situations, or if this was absolutely not possible, why they weren’t taking responsibility for their reactions to their situations. A thought popped into my head… why was no one marshalling themselves? Or marshalling themselves in their situations?

It wasn’t a word I used on a regular basis, but the more I reflected on it, the more I found it was “A best fit for me” for the sense of meaning and direction and driving forces I was trying to internally muster to take responsibility for myself and to take charge of myself and situations (even during turbulent and stormy times). NAIL HEAD HIT!!!

It was a strangely empowering, nourishing and self-sustaining thought. It sounds whimsical, but I can only say like a star to set your course to, it was always there to come back to, no matter what the weather conditions were like.

If you had asked me prior to 2012 if I thought that I would have done half the things I have done in the last 4 years I would have said it was all “IMPOSSIBLE!”, I would have just flat out refused to believe you, but I am now a TOTAL ADVOCATE for personal coaching. The differences you can make through coaching and small pieces of paper is amazing and real!

I can’t begin to tell you what it could do for you or what it has in store for you, but I hope you get to take part in a journey as wild and as meaningful as I have to date!

The only quote I could find that really sums up my journey so far is the following which is one of my favourite: “Deep within [people] dwell those slumbering powers; powers that would astonish [them], that [they] never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionise [their] life if aroused and put into action.” Orison Swett Marden.

All the best!!!

Look forward to seeing you if you decide to marshal yourself!


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