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Hello and Welcome. Mid Hudson Riders started over 20 years ago, as I would go out riding and meet fellow motorcyclists along the way. In time we became a local riding group. Our group is for the motorcyclist who is looking to ride in a group, make a few friends along the way, and enjoys sharing, exploring, the roads in and beyond the Mid Hudson Valley. Everyone is invited to join our group, any brand of bike, just be ready to ride and have fun.

How the group works: Most of the time I post a ride, we meet, and we go riding. Although all members can post rides, most members are happy just to follow me then post a ride. This is fine with me but I do welcome ideas for rides, roads we would enjoy, places to ride too, etc. And it is always nice to follow and let someone else lead once in a while. This group is run like a few riding buddies (think Wild Hogs) getting together and just riding and enjoying the road. Who should join? Anyone who enjoys group motorcycle riding, in and around the Mid Hudson Valley. And enjoys doing the following:

• Riding with-in the speed limit- enjoying the ride

• Scenic rural roads (backroads, some main roads and yes, some Highway- to save time)

• Ride weekends, and sometimes on weekdays

• Most Rides start around 10 AM and end around 3 PM, from 50 to 150 miles.

• Fairweather riding (<10% chance of rain, low winds, high of 55-85 degrees)

• Always ride safely and responsibly

• You understand and use Hand Signals (see photo of the Hand Signals we use)

• You understand that the LEAD RIDER or Event Host is in charge and you will follow the group rules.

• Most Rides/events are planned out with a map, road route, leader, and maybe limited in size/riders skill level.

• Some rides maybe just meet and see where the road takes us. Events may not have a ride at all.

• Almost all rides have rest-gas stops, but you should show up for all rides with a full tank, drinks/snacks if you want and your bike in working order.

If you share those same preferences, then read on...

• You plan to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE. We only want members who ride. Active is meeting with the group Once in 8 weeks. Starting 4/1/2021. If you can not come out and play once in 8 weeks you will be removed from our membership. Most of the time there will be a ride/event every week, sometimes more, and you are always welcome to come on any and all rides/events. Some rides/events may be limited in size.

Group Riding is fun but we want to be safe. Your skill level is important, ride at your skill level, group riding is not the place to practice or try something new. The group leader will try to keep the group moving/traveling at a pace at or below the (lowset) riders' skill level. Even so, please if you are not able to keep up or you find it may be too much for you, tell the lead rider ASAP. The lead rider can adjust the group. Sometimes Rides may be rated (when listed) for a higher skill level than your ability, do not take the rating the wrong way, it is for the safety of the group and you. Stay home and practice. On the other end, if you have a high skill level, group riding is not the place to show off. If we are out riding in a way that is below your skill level we expect you will still enjoy the ride and friendship of riders below your skill level. Remember we welcome everyone but not every ride may fit your skill level. This is why some rides are for (higher) skilled riders only.

• Rides/Events, I will post and lead/host but every member is welcome to also lead/host and/or post rides/events. If you do not want to lead/host a ride/event but have a suggestion for one, that is fine too.

RSVP, Please say "yes" or "no", it is the only way for us to know if you are coming or that the rides/events are not to the membership's liking.

• We ask everyone to "Chip In" $20 cash in person, starting 4/1/2021. We ask you to do this at our/your 1st meeting. Membership after you "Chip In" is good til 12/31/2021, there are no refunds. Returning Members (from last year) are asked to Chip In for this year. This helps in sharing the cost to have this group and keep it going.

• GROUP SIZE - I will not lead a group of more than 10 motorcycles. Any larger and it gets too difficult to keep a group together. So if need be, we can start a 2nd group, with a 2nd lead rider that can follow behind the 1st group.

• DO NOT join this group for the purpose of soliciting business of any kind or try to promote any financial benefit to anyone or any business or organization. This group is strictly for those who want to go riding.

• Before riding with this group, you must read, understand and agree to follow;

MSF’s Guide to Group Riding, their web address is:https:// http://www.msf-usa.org/downloads/Group_Ride.pdf

We use Hand Signals based on the MSF, before riding with us make sure you understand them, and when riding with us pass the Hand Signals along the group. See the above (MSF’s Guide to Group Riding) web page for more info on group riding and hand signals.

The photos below are the Hand Signals we use along with info on how we ride. Please make sure you know these before riding with us. You can also upload the photos to your phone for refinancing.



• YOU RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK AND AGREE that the Host or person leading a ride/event has the right to remove you, and you will FOLLOW THE GROUP RULES, state laws, and understand and use hand signals.
What are the group Rules? Everything listed on this page, NY state laws, etc... By choosing to join this group, you accept and agree with all of the above. Also, by choosing to ride in the group, you assume full responsibility and liability for your choices and actions while riding. If you bring a guest, You understand and explain the above to that guest, that as the guest at an event/ride, you and the guest also agree to the above, by attending.


About me, I started riding long ago. So now that I am older, I enjoy riding in a more laid-back style, I am always looking to practice and hopefully improve my skills, techniques, and road strategies to help make me a better rider. I have a passion for riding, sharing the road and leading group rides, fixing, modifying motorcycles, and being around people who love motorcycles and riding. I enjoy talking about all brands, types of motorcycles, how to ride, make repairs, and great roads to ride. I have more than one bike, so I may ride my Nomad 1500 (Kawasaki) or my 1300 V Star (Yamaha) or something else. I Use Cardo Packtalk Bold for Phone (BT) and to enjoy music. It also has Mesh Communication that we can link up to 15 riders. You do not have to have a Communication System to ride in the group (most do not) but if you do I can only hook up using the Cardo Mesh System. So if you want to "Mesh" fine if not that is fine too. With or without it we all use Hand Signals and pass them along the group when riding together.

The Mid Huson Riders is a riding group, not a Motorcycle Club, not even a Riding Club. I started this riding group over 20 years ago, and almost every year I re-named it by adding Mid Hudson "--------" Motorcycle Riders. From 2020 we are going with just Mid Hudson Riders. I am also a member of a local AMA family motorcycle club, Lost Wheels MC. If you are looking for something more then a Riding Group you can ask me or one of the members of LWMC, as I do invite them to ride with this group.

If you are already a member, Let's Ride! Not a Mid Hudson Riders member yet, join us,
hope to ride with you soon,
MJ (eMJay)

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