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Losing a loved one wasn't something any of us thought would happen. Whether it was a long agonizing illness or a sudden unexpected death, the tragedy impacted our lives in infinite ways we could never prepare for.

We're fortunate for friends and family that extend sympathy, but in order to heal, to really get back to a new normal...its incredibly important we find and friend people that can empathize with us.

If you've unsuccessfully tried to medicate, eat or Netflix your way through depression and grief after loosing someone close...then this group is for you….because there will be absolutely NONE of that here!!

This group is NOT misery loves company. It's a unique group who share a passion for celebrating the lives we are living! I wholeheartedly believe that, while we've lost a part of our soul, in order to begin healing, we must honor it by fully embracing every breath we're blessed with.


New Leaf is a super support group! Our goals are sharing each other's stories, offering advice/help, going out and doing things together (e.g., game night, comedy shows, hiking, kayaking, other fun stuff).

Having a shared trauma, we can relate to one another better than our friends and colleagues. Here we can come together and be our own special network to push each other as we learn to thrive in our different roles :)

New Leaf is a place where you have the support to grow into this new person; same roots just a different flower.



Q: Is this group only for people who have lost a spouse?

A: The original idea was to support anyone grieving the loss of a partner and help them learn to navigate that new unplanned solo path.

However we're open to anyone who has lost a close love because pain does not discriminate based on a title. (Don't get me started on the movie "Hachi: A Dog's Tale)". Whatever their relationship to us, the absence is something we need to acknowledge in order to begin healing.

My hope and intention for this group, is that through exercise, mindfulness, laughter, and just great genuine connections we can begin to ease and erase feelings of grief, guilt, anger, and pain.

Q: May I contact you personally for counseling?

A: While I have studied developmental psychology, my professional certification is in Human Resources and I only coach employees in a corporate/contract setting. Please know I am not a licensed therapist or counselor.

However I can say you're already taking awesome 1st steps of self-care in seeking outside help - bravo! But I think it's important you are connected with a professional, especially if you may be thinking of hurting yourself or someone else.

You can call 800.273.8255 and speak to someone straightaway.

Another option is Grief Share. They're a nationally recognized support network with multiple resources. Take a look at their website anytime https://www.griefshare.org (https://www.griefshare.org/)/

Q: Does this group only meet 1x/month?

A: Our group is brand new, so right now, the only dates on the calendar are the monthly Greet and Eats. Future goals include growing the group, making it available for online meetings and also to create an online space (maybe Meetup discussion board) for New Leaf members anywhere/anytime, to find help, inspiration, motivation. (e.g., poems, Ted Talks, comic skits).

Hopefully with member expansion/interest over the next few moths, our group will begin meeting more routinely. Stay tuned :)

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The Tuscany on Pleasant View

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The Tuscany on Pleasant View

Coffee Connections

The Tuscany on Pleasant View

Coffee Connections

The Tuscany on Pleasant View

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