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This group is here for people who have reached a point in their life where they feel stuck, chronically frustrated, they had enough and they cannot take one more inch of what it's been. This can refer to a specific relationship, to work, to a certain aspect of the social life, relationship with children etc.

Most of us are harboring these feelings in silence and give little indication to anyone outside that we might be suffering inside because we want to keep a positive and socially accepted presence and participation. But we that eventually the solution will reveal itself and we would escape the prison of our own struggle. It's possible that we tried so many things and even those that worked, did not last. So by now we feel tempted to think that it is what it is and there's no match to our problem.

This group is here to prove that belief wrong! We support people in building back their confidence and acquire the skill set they need to be able to get themselves out of the dilemma that seems beyond their powers today.

The host is Irina Buse, a life coach from Montreal area who specializes in helping people getting unstuck and live without regrets. She is also host to a few group coaching programs and on-line live courses.

All people who feel ready to take action will be at home in this group.

Here is to personal power!

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