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Ever wanted to start a side hustle, grow your current one, or transition to a full-time hustle, join this NEW series of events!

Thinking about starting a side hustle project?

Already have a side hustle you need to grow?

Want to transition to doing your side hustle full time?

DYPB is pleased to start this new series called "Side Hustle Mastery", featuring entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and experts who all work on numerous topics. You can join us for networking, the panel and 2 mini-dives in skills that are key for side hustles.

This time around our panel includes:

Emily Mills, Founder, How She Hustles
Fatima Zaidi, VP Business Development, Top 30 under 30
Bobby Umar, President Raeallan, CEO of DYPB, Inc Mag Top 100
Natalia Juarez, Breakup Coach & Dating Strategist

We also have a couple of mini-workshop pieces happening on same evening to build your side hustle skills.
'Time Management' by Nick Gibson
'Passion, Purpose & Values' by Kira Ayisha Day

Early Bird ends on the 11th of June!!

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