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Yoga served for every age there is no age restriction when you willing to star. Keeping the mind active while feeling their way into asana that make sense given the reality of their condition, seniors further stimulate both physical and mental vitality even as the forces of aging present new challenges and opportunities.
As we age, the body tends to become less mobile and weaker. There is an increased likelihood of having or developing arthritis, osteopenia, and osteoporosis, which contraindicates many asanas in which there is pressure in the joint pressure and restore strength to bones.

Sequences of practice :

Breathing technic
Sun salutation with Chair as Support
Standing asanas
Strengthen asana
Sitting asana
Lying down asana

Duration 1 hour 30 min

Workshop fee : $50/person

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Ayurveda Workshop


Yoga retreat to Kalimantan

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