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Funding and initial traction are key challenges for every Israeli startup. A little-known "secret" is that the US Defense Department, as well as other Government agencies, can and want to help!

In this meetup CTTSC collaborates with Oracle to assemble a group of entrepreneurs, investors, and government liaisons to discuss:

How the US Defense Department seeks and supports Israeli startups
How to connect with major US corporates (no matter what your stage)
How to make your startup (no matter what domain) a great candidate
Additionally, Yair Amit, our keynote speaker will describe his journey from founding a startup to a $280M acquisition in 4 years and his interactions with the US government along the way.


Yair Amit, co-founder and CTO of Skycure . SkyCure's $280M acquisition by Symantec last year was one of the largest cyber exits of the decade.

Duddy Rokach, Managing Partner at SOSA HLS Tech Innovation Hub. SOSA HLS Tech Innovation Hub is a global network of tech innovation hubs with a unique, multipronged approach to innovation. Dudi is also Head of HLS/Cyber at the Merage Institute.

Shana Yakobi, Israel Liaison Officer, US DoD CTTSO. Shana supervises the CTTSC program, a startup contest that awards hundreds of thousands of Dollars to Israeli startups that have technology that could be useful in combating terrorism. Razi Atuar, CEO at Duke Robotics. Duke Robotics is a developer of breakthrough security robotics and was a prize-winner in The 2016 Combating Terrorism Technology Startup Challenge (CTTSC2).
Arthur Rabner, Founder, CEO at Cinema2Go. Cinema2Go has developed a patented technology for enjoying full resolution movies "on the go" and was a prize-winner in CTTSC2.

Itai Rechnitz, CEO at Spectory Soft Tech. Spectory Soft Tech has developed a unique crowd management solution and was a prize-winner in CTTSC2.

Amir Tsrouya, Founder, CEO at Tukuoro. Tukuoro's innovation in voice-machine interaction enables unprecedented accuracy in hands-free control of mobile applications. Tukuoro was also a prize-winner in CTTSC2.

Sunday, February 25, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM (IST)
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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(Detailed agenda will be published closer to the event.)

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