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与众不同的演唱会 A Musical Performance with a Twist

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与众不同的演唱会  A Musical Performance with a Twist


麦凯文是自创自弹自唱中文歌的爱尔兰人, 他的歌词都关于现代社会的现象, 很有强烈的时代感,并且非常与众不同。 广东电视台、《中国日报》还有其他国际媒体也发表了关于他中文歌的报道。他刚录完了他最后一个专辑

Kevin McGeary is a Manchester-based musician who writes and records his own songs in Mandarin Chinese. The songs take on present day social issues with a twist. His Chinese-language songwriting has been the subject of features in 'China Daily', on Guangdong Television, and other international media. He has just finished recording his final Chinese album.

On screen there will be subtitles with translations of the lyrics and stories behind what they are about.

你可以在这里听听 Here are some examples of his songs (with subtitles)

《水围之恋》'Shuiwei Nights'

《中国姑娘》'Chinese Girl'

《老红》'Lao Hong'


《希望会这样》 'Hope It Might Be So'

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