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Are you already living a good life but know you are destined for more? Let Certified Dream Builder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant Raphael Angel show you the process of manifesting all the good that awaits your life. Raphael has been coaching individuals & corporations, private companies & government agencies, colleges & universities for 15+ years. He is a licensed Occupational Therapist for over 30 years and has been an adjunct college professor, high school teacher, professional speaker, prison minister, personal trainer, five time marathoner, and artist, having had two showings in Washington, DC of his original oil paintings. Raphael took a five year hiatus for graduate studies in Theology as a Carmelite Friar to understand and develop a deeply spiritual life. His work today is in response to a personal call in helping others not just hear their own call for more life and abundance, but to make manifest their biggest and best life ever. "When we grow, others grow around us. Life always seeks more life and when we attend to our own gardens of life, fully attentive to its needs, the fruit we produce can be magnificent!"

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Borrowing Belief - Learn to leverage and manifest!

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Whether your goals are big or little it may help to borrow someone else’s belief. You may have heard things like: “you gotta believe it to see it.” Or “do it on the outside and eventually the inside will catch up.” Or “Fake it till you make it.” These are all lonely propositions solely relying on your own efforts. YET - We ask people to ‘pray for us.’ Or ‘think good thoughts.’ Or lean on people who know us, love us, and encourage us to be our best. This is Borrowing Belief! Borrowing belief is a learn to grow process. We avail ourselves to listening and learning ways towards success in every area of life. Come borrow our belief that we are all deserving of happy, healthy and abundant lives in every area! Join this group of highly motivated, enthusiastic people who are mastering the Law of Attraction as just one Law at work in our lives. Bring your joyful enthusiasm and brilliance for life! Warmly, Raphael

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