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Dr. Riz and Maya are the organizers of this meetup.

Adjusting to the new normal. While in the past we held 2-3 monthly events. We find that our new reality doesn't really allow us to gather as we once did. Community walks, monthly potlucks, movie screenings, guest speakers, etc have been put on hold. Like everyone else, we have had to go virtual and develop content online.

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About Dr. Rizwan Bukhari:

Dr. Rizwan Bukhari has been a vascular surgeon for over twenty years and has seen the devastating effects of poor lifestyle choices. He now focuses on teaching his patients and the community about lifestyle medicine which covers: nutrition, physical activity, emotional wellness, sleep and minimizing risky behaviors.

Maya is a wellness coach and plant-based advocate. She is the creator and producer of the Plant-Based DFW Podcast show which offers a variety of topics about the benefits of eating plants. https://www.plantbaseddfwpodcast.com/

We are part of Plant Pure Communities which is a grassroots movement designed to offer support within the community. We offer lectures, workshops, walks, potlucks and film screenings to help enrich your knowledge. We collaborate with other groups and experts in the field to offer quality information and support.

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Dr. Riz and Maya

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Aloha Adventure - Walk With A Doc

Online event

Join @walkwithadoc for an Aloha Adventure from February 14-27! Celebrate Heart Health Month by moving (any way you’d like) and fueling your body with heart-healthy foods like fresh avocados as you journey through the beautiful State of Hawaii. Together, we can improve our heart health with this fun event, which is FREE thanks to @LoveOneToday! Learn more and register at https://walkwithadoc.org/adventure

*We will be participating in the Walk with A Doc's Aloha Adventure from Feb 14-27.

Here’s what you need to know...
Starting February 14 through February 27, 2022, WWAD and Fresh Avocados – Love One Today® will be leading a virtual Aloha Adventure through the State of Hawaii!

● The first 1500 participants receive free registration to our digital platform in order to connect with others, log physical activity and celebrate accomplishments. Act quickly and encourage Grab your family, friends, neighbors, and or colleagues to join you.
● All registered participants will have a “front-row seat” at our expert physician panel discussion on heart health and nutrition.
● Get active on Facebook to post all the ways you are enjoying avocados and tag @LoveOneToday to earn a clever bumper sticker.
● You will have the opportunity to connect with others using the WWAD Facebook Group and the Racery.com platform.
● FREE registration begins now! Did we mention it is FREE, courtesy of Fresh Avocados – Love One Today®?! You got it – FREE.

Let’s go on an adventure energized by Love One Today® - together!
Learn more and register here: https://walkwithadoc.org/adventure

Visit our Facebook group to post daily photos of your physical activities. You can tag us in your bio in racery app by using #plantbaseddfw.


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