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What we’re about

Welcome women! This group positively promotes women’s wellbeing, spirituality, mental health, and empowerment, networking and making connections. "We recognise a collective, loving feminine spirit so we know there is never a time when we are completely alone...."

This is a fun group of women and is mainly based all over London and further afield. We are also online with Zoom events...

Get the Women Group introduction to feminine spirituality books here

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We deal with So much in our daily life. Sometimes we just need love, encouragement, understanding, and empowerment. We are not perfect but we can be “perfectly imperfect”

This is a WOMEN-ONLY group.

We do Zoom and Moon circles, picnics, herbal healing for females, Chi Qi Gong (a type of exercise with movement and voice/breath-work). If you're into pottery, pamper parties, spas, massages, natural products, rituals, positive affirmations, meditation, nature, healing, mentoring, advice, books, reviews, audiobooks, fitness and wellbeing, workshops, feminism, women's rights, empowerment, singing, dancing, dinners, nights out, exhibitions and more, this is the group for you.

We will pay individual prices for each meet-up.

We would love to turn our little women's group into a movement for women everywhere if you would like to volunteer to get involved with promoting and organising activities and events please get in touch through our socials at the bottom of the page

One of the ways we connect and help to empower women is by sharing and promoting feminine spirituality. We have an informative ebook Awaken The Goddess Within also available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon

Also the acclaimed Secrets of the Woods. A short esoteric, journey into feminine spirituality. This book has caused a stir with religious zealots and women haters. So get a copy whilst you can. purchase your book here

Feel free to connect with us through our socials;
Facebook: women group circles
Facebook group
Twitter: womengroup1
Instagram: womengroup1
YouTube channel: Women Group