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Maybe you're religious, maybe you're spiritual, maybe you're agnostic or atheist, maybe you're not quite any of those, but it's all kind of mixed together. However you might label yourself, you are concerned about morality, ethics, and living a life larger than your own, but you don't quite fit in any of the categories above. Maybe you do, but you're interested in something that is a bit different. The Community of Humankind isn't quite a religion, it's not just a philosophy, but it walks some of the the same paths as both. The CofH is a new organization and belief system that is based on the intrinsic value of human beings. It is open to people of all faiths, those who describe themselves as spiritual, agnostics, and atheists. What the CofH does is bring those diverse groups together on common ground. We start with what I call the Three Greatest Gifts - Mind, Body, and Consciousness. From the Three Greatest Gifts, we'll be developing an entire system of how to live a fulfilling life. Meetups will be in two parts. After an introduction, we spend about 45 minutes engaged in physical activity. Not quite a workout, but dressing for exercise would probably be best. In the second hour, we'll get food, and have a forum to talk about the foundational ideas of the Community of Humankind and how those ideas might fit in to our lives. Is it religion? is it philosophy? Perhaps it's a bit of each, with its own twist. Bring your perspective and your ideas, let's have a conversation about it!

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