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We are a community of people creating intelligent, ethical and scalable technologies for a better, fairer world. Join us on a mission to help 100 million people by solving some of the toughest challenges facing humanity.

If you are an AI for Good practitioner, a company working in this field or an AI technologist curious to learn - sign up now, get inspired and spread the word!

We are keen to share our knowledge of applying AI for social good, as well as put a spotlight on the most exciting people, stories and projects in AI for Good space from around the world.

Our motto is a little less talk and a lot more action - so let's act together!

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AI for Good Meetup - Data to Combat Domestic Abuse and Violence

This is a special edition meetup focused on data gathering and analytics to combat domestic abuse and violence. Over recent months, thanks to an experienced charity worker, we got in contact with big and small charities and noticed how they produce and collect data but don’t know how to make the most out of it (such as providing better and more support to those experiencing abuse, being more efficient, fundraising, etc.). So, we agreed we would find possible ways to put charities in contact with data experts as well as researchers in academia. Read more here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15E418mFqZ8CdsHFvFlplJYA28Jkx3Tr4cnLOfofv9vc/edit?usp=sharing. At this point, we would like to invite Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Academic Researchers in the Combat Domestic Abuse & Violence space to provide input and collaborate on a pilot project. If you are one of those or you know anyone with a relevant skillset - please join and invite your friends to this meetup by sharing this page link with them. Furthermore, we welcome people from all backgrounds as long as they are passionate to collaborate and use their skills for the greater good. Some house rules to join this meetup: - Please sign the T&Cs regarding contributing to community projects: http://bit.ly/2lW5NLR - Join our slack to stay tuned: http://bit.ly/2p8icye Agenda: 18:00-18:10 Introduction 18:10-18:20 Checking the latest status 18:20-19:00 Project discussion and next steps ----- Photo credit: Dan Meyers from Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/photos/hluOJZjLVXc

AI for Good Meetup - Climate Change & Misinformation (NLP)

This is a virtual meetup from the AI for Good Community, where we collaborate to use AI and NLP in fighting misinformation and Climate Change denial. This time our community members will be joined by Jack Hampson from Deeper Insights. We are developing a tool that provides facts vs. fiction about climate change to verify news and social media posts everyone is reading online. There are two fundamental approaches we are trying to experiment with at the moment: 1) Clustering and manual labeling 2) Training a model on a Grist dataset If you know a thing or two about climate change, Natural Language Processing, web plugins, or simply feel passionate and keen to use your skills for good - please join our meetup and let's act together! First time here? Here's a document outlining the project we are working on: https://bit.ly/2TTlt00 Join our slack to catch up with the latest activities in this group: http://bit.ly/2p8icye - Please jump on the #climate-misinformation channel once you join. Before you join this meetup, please sign the T&Cs regarding data usage and the overall rules of contributing to our community projects. Agenda: 18:00-18:10 Introductions and updates 18:10-18:30 Discussing the latest news and progress 18:30-19:00 Feedback and brainstorming

AI for Good Meetup - Covid-19 Simulator for Humanitarian Settings

This is a special edition meetup focused on the AI for Good's COVID-19 Simulator tool for refugee camps and other humanitarian settings. The Simulator is a web tool for NGOs and local authorities to model COVID-19 outbreak inside refugee camps and prepare timely and proportionate response measures needed to flatten the curve and reduce the number of fatalities. This tool helps to predict the possible outbreak scenarios and their potential outcomes and help first responders design an optimal intervention strategy. Read more here: https://www.aiforgoodsimulator.com/ We are going to use Google Meet, here's a link to join: https://meet.google.com/nic-stbd-iur First time here and interested in contributing? Join our slack to stay tuned: http://bit.ly/2p8icye Before you join this meetup, please sign the T&Cs regarding contributing to community projects: http://bit.ly/2lW5NLR Agenda: 18:00-18:15 A round of introductions 18:15-19:00 Project discussion and brainstorming

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