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So you've heard all about Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Dash, Crypto Currency, Blockchain - But Wait. What does it actually mean? How can you partake in the biggest financial revolution known to man? Where to start ? Join us for an introduction into the fantastic world of Bitcoin and Crypto (we will explain the difference) and learn how you can buy, own and sell your own digital currency. This class is tailored for the complete novice, although a Q&A is always reserved at the end for further questions and discussion. By the end of this session you will learn:
1) What is bitcoin, crypto and blockchain?
2) What's the big deal?!?
3) How you can buy and store - step by step process
4) How digital currency is changing the world
5) How you can make money through trading bitcoin and other digital assets Cristo who runs the session has been in the space for 6 years. His podcast 'Cristo on Crypto' has had tremendous success reaching over 10,000 people thus far. Cristo is evangelical about bitcoin and digital assets and as a prominent member of the community has made it his life mission to ensure that as many people join him on this major financial revolution. Cristo never times his events and if there are questions, there will be answers...

So whatever your knowledge of the space do not miss an opportunity to get the lowdown with Cristo!

NEW: US TOUR - Visiting SF, LA, Palm Beach, Miami, Dallas!

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